Who is your teacher?

Portrait of Penelope Carr of Alexander Technique

Penelope Carr

I have been practising my Alexander Technique in my Rozelle clinic for the past 33 years, after 15 years as a ceramic artist. As an artist and a practitioner of qigong, I was aware that what I did with my body and how I thought about moving, directly affected the way I felt. I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain and general heaviness in all my movements. For me, the Alexander Technique gave me self-knowledge and an awareness that is of enormous value in my life now.
As well as running a successful private practice, I work with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I help actors, hairdressers, dentists, musicians, athletes and anyone doing repetitive work.  I have an interest in women’s health, pregnancy and run small groups for women with pelvic pain.

I spent 20 years training new teachers of the Alexander Technique – five years at the Alexander Technique Associates’ Centre in Artarmon, 10 years at the Sydney Alexander School in Surry Hills and 3 years at the Sydney Alexander Technique School at St. Leonards. I was also appointed as one of the first moderators of training schools in Australia.

Currently I run weekly qigong classes blending Alexander Technique, tai chi  and yoga. In all of my sessions I draw on my extensive personal experience in music and voice training, yoga, qigong, positional release, jin shin jyutsu and psychodrama.

In addition to continually updating my skills through postgraduate study with leading international teachers.

I am a member of the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT) and also serve as a member of  the AUSTAT Quality Standing Committee. AUSTAT membership is your guarantee that your teacher is professionally qualified.

Alexander Technique teacher; member AUSTAT
Diploma of the Sydney Qigong College
CFQ Qigong instructor
Reiki practitioner
Certificate in Jin Shin Jyutsu