Penelope places her hands on a qigong student to correct posture

Penelope guides a qigong student


What is qigong?
The ancient Chinese practice of qigong (pronounced ‘Chee Goong’) offers a range of benefits to practitioners through the integration of physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

Qigong means ‘cultivating energy’ in Chinese and is a system developed through the ages and today practised by millions of people around the world.

What are the benefits of practising qigong?
•    Improve digestion and circulation
•    Relieve back, neck and arm pain, headaches, arthritis, insomnia,
anxiety and stress
•    Increase energy
•    Alleviate breathing problems and asthma
•    Cultivate flexibility, balance and grounding


Who is it for?
Qigong can be practised anywhere or at any time and everyone can benefit, regardless of ability, age, belief system or life circumstances.

What is unique about my classes?
As a teacher of the Alexander Technique over the past 32 years I have helped thousands of individuals to identify and prevent harmful postural habits that cause stress and pain. In my qigong classes I also draw on this experience, providing instruction in the more efficient use of the body, preventing strain. You will also learn to breathe deeply with less effort.

Qigong practice works on building, harmonising and circulating the body’s internal energy. This energy moves via channels, or meridians, passing through all the vital organs, clearing blockages that cause pain and sickness. Supporting this energy flow promotes balance, health and relaxation.

I offer personalised instruction in this gentle, powerful art for individuals and small groups. My classes provide the structured support to help you integrate this new learning in your daily life. By practising qigong regularly, you will achieve your optimum health and increase your ability to handle life’s ups and downs more easily. You will put your health back in your own hands and ‘recharge your battery’.

In our ever-increasingly competitive and stressful world, qigong is a wonderful, simple tool to use in your daily life.

Come and discover this gentle art.

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Qigong classes
Weekly classes for individuals or small groups
Individual: $135
Small groups: $20 per person
Location: Alfred Street, Rozelle

Wednesdays at 11am
Thursdays at 6pm