The teacher guides the student, extending her arm.

The teacher provides gentle hands-on guidance

Change habitual patterns

  • Reduce tension and postural stress
  • Gain deeper understanding of your BODY, MIND and SELF
  • Learn to achieve more with less effort
  • Enhance performance in all daily activities
  • Sit, stand and walk with economy

Alexander Technique Balmain
Penelope Carr has been a practitioner of the Alexander Technique in Sydney at her Rozelle clinic for the past 31 years, working with people of all ages and from all walks of life to help them achieve more with reduced effort.

We always have a choice, either to be whole and well-integrated, or to be thrown off balance and wrestle with life. Tapping into our natural reflex responses we get back into balance instead of collapsing in a heap. Gravity no longer drags us down but becomes our friend and ally.